The Power of Mindful Eating

What is “Mindful Eating”?

Mindful Eating allows the child to become aware of the positive and nurturing opportunities that are available through food selection and preparation. Mindul eating asks you to respect and cultivate the child’s emerging sense of inner wisdom. (Don’t worry! Mindful eating is not suggesting that you let the child dictate the menu). Mindful Eating is about understanding how information, knowledge and wisdom work together. Often an unspoken assumption exists that information, knowledge and wisdom are the same thing, but they are entirely different.

Knowledge vs. Wisdom

Every day parents and childcare workers are bombarded with nutrition and health information. It can be overwhelming. If you are feeling a bit nervous, take a deep breath. Any step forward helps!
“There is no right or wrong way to eat, there are just moments when you or a child is more mindful than others.”

The awareness brought about by mindful eating offers information that can guide you to find foods and eating choices that work best. In your heart, remember that all learning is helpful. Mindful eating helps to create lifelong nutritious habits.

“The larger intent is to help the child have a variety of interesting experiences that creates new connections and stimulates thought.”

Mindful Eating for Kids gives you the practical tools you need to guide your child through this learning process. The book addresses all sorts of eating styles we find in children- picky eaters, overeaters, disordered eaters, etc and enables you to break through to each and every one of them.

Buy Mindful Eating For Kids and get started!

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