Why Mindful Eating for Kids?

“Mindful eating can help you talk with the child about food, it can also help the child transform information into knowledge.”

How does mindful eating foster knowledge creation?

    • By engaging in food experiments, games, projects and more (all included in Discover Mindful Eating for Kids)
    • By helping the child become curious and explore new foods, some with different textures and unusual tastes
    • By decreasing food anxiety and increasing variety in diet through:

Playing with food

    • And by empowering the child to make sound eating decisions by giving him/her the tools to understand hunger and fullness

What is included in the book?

    • 75 activities with a wide variety of strategies that immerse children in food exploration through touch and play-based activities
    • Ways to use all the child’s senses to discover new foods
    • Help with providing opportunities for the child to choose foods that are both satisfying and nourishing
    • Interesting experiences that help children look at new and healthy foods differently

What is expected of caretakers?

    • The time to discover with the child what foods are enjoyable and satisfying
    • Taking this information and using it to help the child fully understand what they are feeling in regards to food and eating

“Children transform information instinctively, and in a short time you might hear the child say, ‘Look, there is a vegetable!’ or ‘A parsnip is like a white carrot.'”

Within the pages of Discover Mindful Eating for Kids, there are many ways to explore food and eating. Taking the information gained from these activities and helping the child use it is how they transform this knowledge into wisdom. Mindful Eating asks you to give the child an opportunity to decide how to best use their newly acquired knowledge to support health and well-being.

Learn more about the Discover Mindful Eating for Kids book and CE course.

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