Free Handouts

We’re so glad you’re interested in using mindful eating with your pint-sized clients or your own family! To get you started, here are five FREE handouts from the Discover Mindful Eating for Kids book for your use! We hope you enjoy these and consider purchasing the book to continue the progress you’ve started with these handouts.


Nutrition and Mindful Eating

The nutrition and mindful eating handout is a great starting point. This handout explains mindful eating.

Hunger Peas

The hunger peas handout is a great tool for teaching younger children about the feelings of both hunger and fullness.

Hunger Peas and Fullness Pod Rating Scale

This handout is great and simple way to teach younger children about fullness.

Hunger and Fullness Rating Scale Graphic

This graphic provides a way to teach children ages ten and up about checking and sensing their hunger and fullness.

What are your Hunger and Fullness Saying?


Understanding what fullness and hunger are saying is an important part of teaching Mindful Eating to kids.

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