How the Activities Are Arranged

Mindful Eating for Kids has 75 activities in total. The activities are broken down into four sections.

Section One

This section offers mealtime activities that focus on understanding what our bodies are communicating. This includes the child’s likes, dislikes and creative ways to talk with the child to make meals more enjoyable.

Section Two

Section two offers ways to explore sensory information to increase food choices and decrease behavioral issues surrounding eating.

Section Three

Section three introduces two friends, Frog and Bear, who help explore emotional experiences surrounding food and eating.

Section Four

Section four focuses on kitchen and food activities by using herbs and spices to promote interest in cooking, trying new foods and expanding sensory experiences.

All combined, this book of age- appropriate activities and insights will give you the tools you need to teach any child to eat mindfully, setting him up for a lifetime of healthy eating.

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