What Professionals Are Saying About Mindful Eating for Kids

Activity: Hunger Peas & Fullness Pod

“I used these exercises during my summer camp and they worked! For example, during this activity the children were able to identify their physical hunger and level of fullness. One mother even told me a couple of days after the activity that her daughter had told her at lunch time, ‘Mommy, I am very hungry, I think I have 8 hunger peas in my stomach!’ She then said to me, ‘I am not sure what she meant, but I guessed she was really hungry and that she learned that here!'”

Claudia Vega, MD

 Activity: Hard, Soft, Chewy or Crunchy?

“It worked very well in our program to introduce to the children before our meal times and we felt that this would be great to start at the beginning of the school year.”

Beth Holland

Activity: Don’t Deprive Yourself

“[This activity] allowed the child/children to take pause and really think about then I got the concept of you were trying to describe. It also explored how to better manage the ‘forbidden food’. It will be very interesting to see if the child/children are able to utilize the principles of this exercise again when I see them in 2 weeks.”

Jan Davie, MS, RD; Nutrition & Diabetes Specialist

Activity: Body, Mind and Spirit

“[This activity] introduced new concepts to help kids think beyond eating food to fill them up. Overall, I liked using these tools as part of my discussion about awareness of eating, hunger, fullness, and mindfulness with kids. It is nice to have activities to help them think and participate!”

Sara Kuykendall, MBA, RD, LD

Activity: Tummy Check

“The best part of this activity is the interaction with the child. It was an opportunity for the child to take place in the education rather that just the parent”

Christina Holmes, RD, LD

Activity: The Logic of Hunger

“The activity allows Ed the patient to get involved, rather than the RD just talk. I was seeing a teen that is motivated to lose weight, but struggles with the cognitive ability to learn cause/effect of eating habits. This activity was extremely helpful in helping her identify why she is eating and when she should eat.”

Christina Holmes, RD, LD

“As with the other activities, I was amazed with the capacity of kids to connect with their bodies and explain how it feels to be hungry, for what other reasons they eat (and they are very honest about it!) and how to take good care of their body and mood!”

Claudia Vega, MD

Whether you are a nutrition professional or a parent seeking to help your own children, we created this book to give you the tools to arm these children with a healthy foundation of eating habits.

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