About the Book

Gain the skills and confidence needed to teach mindful eating to children.

This book includes 75 activities for your use with detailed instructions for their use! The activities target specific age groups as well as common childhood eating problems including: picky eating, disordered and emotional eating, weight loss, and developing general healthy habits. Each activity is presented in a two-section format. The first section contains detailed instructions on the activities itself while the second contains:


1) Spirit of the Activity

Each activity has suggestions regarding the spirit to present an activity. These have been broken down into four terms: Discovery, Explore, Play or Challenge. This helps presenters know how to present each activity. Use a sense of discovery when the food or experience is new and has never seen before. Use a sense of exploration when the food is familiar and needs to be explored more. Use a sense of play and fun if the activity is designed to challenge the child to learn more about his or her own direct experience. It is helpful to remember that the Frog and Bear activities can also be used to help explain the spirit of mindful eating in a fun and entertaining way.

2) Target Age for the Activity

Each activity contains a recommended age for the exercise. Ages could range from 2 to 99 years of age.

3) Handout Description

Describes a narrative description of the exercise handout. This section further elaborates on the details of the activity

4) Learning Goals for Parents & Caregivers

Identifies the learning objectives of the activities.

5) Setting Up the Learning Activity

If this is a formal activity, this section will review with the caregiver how to set up and present it.

6) Helpful Tips

This section is indented to identify problems or limitations with the handout and help you adjust your expectations.  Additional resources and link on other sites such as SkellySkills.com  will be listed in this section.

7) Talking to Caregivers about this Nutrition Message

This section is intended for nutrition and health educators, and is a directed message to caregivers. The intent of this section is to guide the teacher in oral or written communication, helping the caregiver expand this learning concept.

8) Talk to the Child

This section is a coaching narrative to help support the mindful eating activity. Many activities also have YouTube video content for you to review as well.

9) Points to Remember

This narrative will review the limitations of the activity and handout.

Buy Mindful Eating For Kids and get started!

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