75 Activities you’ll use over and over again!

The principles of mindful eating come alive as you explore fun and engaging eating activities that help create curious kids. 75 easy to follow and use activities come with detailed descriptions, so you’ll be able to start using them comfortably right away.

“If you are a health and nutrition educators who work with parents and families—whether in WIC, Head Start, SNAPEd, preschool/school education or wellness programs this book is for you.”

Great for Parents too!

We know many parents are interested and knowledgeable about cooking, nutrition and food. You want your children to grow up with healthy habits, and more importantly, a healthy relationship with food. This book will make your job a little easier! “Discover Mindful eating for Kids” is user-friendly, even if you barely have time to get dinner on the table. These fun and engaging exercises will help you keep mealtime as sane and enjoyable as possible.

“This user-friendly book can become a manual of fun and learning for any harried parents trying to get dinner on the table while also keeping meantime as sane and enjoyable as possible.”

Link to Buy Mindful Eating for Kids

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