The easy way to teach kids mindful eating!

Mindful eating encourages children to become aware of the positive and nurturing opportunities that are available through food selection and preparation. These exercises will help you learn to:

Enhance natural curiosity
Discover Mindful Eating For Kids” harnesses every child’s natural curiosity and encourages them to engage with food in a healthy and fun way.

Explore new foods
Learn simple and fun ways to teach kids to try new things without fear or fights.

Appreciate different textures
Texture can be a barrier to getting kids to try many healthy foods. Learn how to overcome texture challenges while developing a sense of discovery.

Discover unusual tastes
Turning new foods into taste adventures can open new doors for kids who are fearful of new foods. “Discover Mindful Eating For Kids” uses activities designed to work with children’s natural instincts around food so they don’t feel threatened.

The Resource you’ll turn to over, and over again
75 activities with a wide variety of strategies such as touching, cooking and playing with food. These carefully designed exercises use all the child’s senses to explore new foods. They help you create opportunities for the child to choose foods that are both satisfying and nourishing. You’ll have everything you need to help kids make new connections and develop a healthy, mindful relationship with food.

Buy Mindful Eating For Kids and get started!

“Mindful Eating asks caregivers to discover with the child what foods are enjoyable and satisfying.”

Discover Mindful Eating For Kids“, there are many ways to explore food and eating. Taking the information gained from these activities and helping the child use it is how information gets transformed into knowledge. Techniques found within this publication work alongside the child’s knowledge seeking nature, and in a short time you might hear a child say (enthusiastically!), “Look, there is a vegetable!” or “A parsnip is like a white carrot.”

“Mindful eating can help you talk with the child about food, it can also help the child transform information into knowledge by engaging in food experiments, games and projects”

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